It is the very oldest and often multi-sick people who are most at risk of dying in covid-19.

Therefore, they and the employees in nursing homes and in the home care service are first in line for vaccination.

But getting vaccinated is voluntary.

No employer can demand that an employee voluntarily take the syringe.

This is emphasized by Annika Andersson, care director in Helsingborg.

- But we hope, of course, that as many as possible want to get vaccinated, to protect themselves and others, she says.

In Helsingborg, today around eight nursing homes have received the vaccine - the rest will follow when new deliveries arrive.

On average, 70 percent of the employees have taken the syringe.

30 percent are hesitant and have so far said no.

"There may be different peer pressure"

- There are different reasons.

Some people are afraid of side effects, others want more information.

And we inform as much as we can, says care director Annika Andersson.

It also differs between the different nursing homes.

In some there are more no-sayers, in others fewer.

Why no one knows.

- There can be different group pressures, says Annika Andersson.

Worried members

Louise Ressner is a work environment coordinator at the Municipal Union in Helsingborg.

She is called by a lot of members who express concern about being vaccinated.

Kommunal believes that there may be a risk that any relocated members perceive it as a punishment for not taking the vaccine.

- We receive signals that some are experiencing pressure from both society and the employer to get vaccinated, says Louise Ressner.

There is a possibility that employees in nursing homes can be relocated if they do not choose to take the vaccine - hear about it in the video.