After the intrusion of the US Capitol, the public is increasingly turning their backs on President Trump.

The demand for the deletion of the movie scene in which President Trump appeared has been receiving great response.

Reporter Kim Kyung-hee's report.


[Movie'I'm Alone 2': (Where's the lobby?) It's on the left when you follow the hall]

This is the scene where President Trump appeared as a cameo in the second episode of the 1992 movie'I'm Alone' .

At the time, it was based on Trump's request that he must appear on his own as well as the fee to shoot at Trump's owned New York Plaza Hotel.

However, after the intrusion of the Capitol, the proposal to remove Trump from the film is gaining great support.

Macauley Culkin, the protagonist, also agreed.

Accordingly, videos that eliminated Trump or replaced them with other people are being posted on social media one after another.

The Trump campaign is an atmosphere that is expanding not only to movies, but also to TV and dramas.

[HBO'Sex and the City': Samantha, Globalist, and Donald Trump] The

son of the original author of the movie'Captain America' also set out to draw a line with Trump.

He said he was disheartened when he saw a supporter of Trump who appeared in Captain America's costume during the break into the Capitol, and criticized Captain America and Trump as the opposite.


New York City's

decision to cancel all contracts with the Trump Group, including the right to operate the Central Park Ice Rink,

[Double Lazio/New York Mayor: If New York City tries to sign a contract with the Mafia, you will say no."

Unfortunately, Trump's current organization is like a criminal group.] Since

there are no lawyers out there, it is becoming more difficult to form a lawyer for the Senate impeachment.