Dubai Health targets 3 groups with the "Covid-19" vaccine in school clinics

The authority stipulated that the candidate to take the vaccine should be on the job. ■ From the source

The Dubai Health Authority has identified three target groups for vaccination with the "Covid-19" vaccine in school health clinics, coinciding with the start of its introduction to health sector workers in the emirate, including medical staff, nursing staff, and health and safety officials in schools.

In a circular issued to school health clinics, the authority has set conditions that must be met by candidates to receive the vaccination, including that the candidate to take the vaccine should be on the job (not to be a remote work practitioner), and that he should not have been infected with the "Covid-19" virus During the past three months, he had not previously obtained any of the "Covid-19" virus vaccinations, and had not previously registered for the vaccination in any of the centers providing the service.

The authority confirmed that vaccination is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended, especially for health professionals who provide health services to patients with the "Covid-19" virus, in order to prevent infection with the disease, and to ensure the continuity of the health system in providing the required service.

She said that «the health facility must verify the list sent to the Commission, and obtain the approval of the candidates registered on the list.

In the event that the information and data required for any of the registered names are not fulfilled, a date will not be set for these cases, and they will not be taken into account among the candidates scheduled to receive the vaccination.

She stressed the need for the mobile phone number registered in the list to be active and used, to be used to notify the registrants of the vaccination date, in addition to sending the digital certificate of vaccination.

She added, "Given the increasing demand for vaccination, the data of those registered in the list must be included and classified according to priority."

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