Region Gävleborg's handbook, which governs how health centers, both private and public, should be run in the county, has been revised.

In February, the changes will be decided by the council, but several doctors have openly in a debate article in the whole of Hälsingland criticized the changes and call the issue a fateful decision.

Doctors at private health centers have also warned of the changes in letters to the region.

Improvement, according to the regional council

Pronounced requirements for opening hours are removed and a general specialist must be on site at least one day a week.

At other times, the general specialist can be available by telephone.

Today, such a doctor must always be physically present when the health center is open.

The Regional Council says that the changes are about shifting power to the business, which is free to decide on opening hours and staffing.

Education is threatened

Elisabeth Månsson Rydén, general specialist in Ljusdal, is worried that it will make it possible to have a worse doctor attendance.

According to her, the regrowth of new doctors is also made more difficult, as doctors in training must have a general specialist as a supervisor.