The Signal application account on the Twitter site has published an image showing the number of times the application has been downloaded during the past days, which reached 50 million times, through the Google Play Store only.

The image showed the number of downloads before and after the new WhatsApp privacy problems crisis, which showed an increase in the number of times the application was downloaded 5 times.

The American businessman Elon Musk advised his followers on his Twitter account to use the Signal messaging application, which contributed to the widespread promotion of the application recently.

How it started vs how it's going 😅

- Signal (@signalapp) January 14, 2021

This comes after global campaigns to boycott WhatsApp because of the new privacy policy, despite the application’s attempts to reassure its users and its assertion that it maintains the confidentiality of information.

WhatsApp recently updated the terms of service and privacy policy to inform users of how to manage user data, and how companies can use the services hosted on the parent company Facebook (Facebook) for storage and management, prompting many users to search for alternative applications.

Many users have already started to switch to the Signal app, which was recently considered the best free app on the App Store and Google Play Store in India, bypassing WhatsApp.