Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey acknowledged that the permanent suspension of the president's account was the right decision over the invasion of President Trump's supporters into the US Congress.

Twitter permanently suspended the president's account on January 8 following the invasion of President Trump's supporters into Congress, citing the risk of further violence.

CEO Jack Dorsey posted on Twitter yesterday saying, "I'm not celebrating or proud of my account suspension," and said that I made the decision based on the best information about social threats. explained.

"I think it was the right decision for Twitter," he said, recognizing that it was an appropriate measure.

On the other hand, CEO Dorsey said, "I feel that it is our problem that we could not promote sound discussions in the end," and also made it difficult for the operating company to respond.

While there are opinions that it is unavoidable to prevent violent acts regarding this account suspension, there are criticisms that it is a containment of speech and that the legal basis is unclear, so discussions are not limited to the United States Is calling.