The 18-year-old had autumn leave from school when in October 2019 he and his 20-year-old friend drove down to Sölvesborg.

The driver was the 18-year-old's mother who dropped them off at Stiby hill nature reserve.

There they would camp;

cook over an open fire, read books, pick mushrooms and play cards, according to the official agenda.

Just before 9 pm on Wednesday 30 October, SOS received an alarm about a fire on a mink farm.

A fire that the two men first stated they had not noticed - even though they were camping just a short distance away.

Säpo and the FBI were involved

However, the fire turned out to be started and eventually the police began to suspect the two men, when they discussed acts against mink farms on an online forum.

The two men have been investigated by Säpo and the FBI.

This is because the younger of the accused men usually lives abroad and is involved in a terrorist investigation.

20-year-old: "We wanted to burn the shit"

In the spring of 2020, an interrogation began with the 20-year-old.

At first he insisted that he and his friend had been to Sölvesborg to camp and denied all suspicions.

However, the police presented a wealth of evidence;

movies, pictures and chats that went against the 20-year-old's explanation.

Evidence that eventually made the 20-year-old admit.

- We wanted to cause damage, burn the shit, he says in a later interrogation and explains that he does not like the mink industry.

Here are the men's own photos from the camping trip in Stiby.

During questioning, they have admitted that they sabotaged the mink farm and set it on fire.

Photo: Police preliminary investigation report

The idea was to release minks free

In the autumn, an interrogation began with the 18-year-old man, who, like his friend, first denied all charges.

But when the police evidence became too difficult for him to explain, he also admitted.

At first, the comrades wanted to sabotage and release minks.

But when they realized that there were no minks at the facility, they decided to burn down the warehouse building, which they say in interrogation.

The men were suspected of being stamped to murder

The men were initially also suspected of even more serious crime.

According to the prosecutor, they planned to take the life of a convicted sex offender and a judge in Central Sweden, as the 18- and 20-year-old believe that the sex offender received too lenient a punishment.

The preliminary investigation also includes chats where the men plan to bomb an abortion clinic in Stockholm.

However, the evidence was not sufficient to bring charges.

Denies arson

The trial regarding arson starts in Nacka District Court on Friday and is planned to last until Tuesday.

The men admit responsibility for serious damage, but deny arson.

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