• Government, crisis in the dark.

    Prime Minister Conte does not rule out the count in the Chamber

  • Renzi: the ministers Bellanova and Bonetti and the undersecretary Scalfarotto resigned


January 14, 2021 "We have made it clear and we must reiterate that for us any government collaboration with the Italian right, sovereign and nationalist is unthinkable. It would be an incomprehensible signal. Washington images tell us how dangerous that drift is. It is wrong after the victory. of Biden favor scenarios that give breath back as happened with the choice of Renzi, to Trump's allies ".

So Zingaretti in his speech at the meeting of the political office of the Democratic Party.

Any collaboration with the right "would be an incomprehensible signal in Italy, but also unacceptable for the European chancelleries and European democratic public opinion", Zingaretti continues, stressing that in the face of what happened in Washington "Europe is marching on a a line of unity and active positive intervention. We cannot afford to govern with those who have identified with Trump and have constantly manifested an anti-European sentiment ".

Then Secretary Dem blocks the way for new alliances with IV.

"There is a fact that cannot be deleted from our analyzes. And at this point it is the political unreliability of Italia Viva. Which is a present fact and that I believe, and we should take this into consideration, however, for how it happened undermines stability in any scenario one can imagine an involvement and a new possible restart ".

Words that the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, Andrea Marcucci does not comment: "The secretary spoke and he will clarify. Our priority is to form a government that governs the country that is in difficulty," he said as he left the headquarters of the Democratic Party. 

Delrio: "Crisis is parliamentarized"

"As a group of democrats we want the crisis to be parliamentarized and that there are legal communications".

This was stated by the leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber, Graziano delrio, on the sidelines of the conference of the group leaders of Montecitorio.

Orlando: "Great concern, risk of a concrete vote"

"There is great concern", says Andrea Orlando as he enters the Nazarene for the meeting of the political office with Zingaretti, group leaders and ministers.

After Matteo Renzi's snatch yesterday, after a day in which the Democratic Party and his secretary Zingaretti, spent themselves on the front line to avoid the crisis, the fear that everything could slip towards the early vote is getting stronger.