Munich (dpa / lby) - The free voters want to force the opening of daycare centers, schools and retailers as soon as this is somehow possible.

That said, Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger and Landtag parliamentary group leader Florian Streibl on Thursday after a parliamentary group meeting in Munich.

"If that is possible somewhere and if it is health-wise responsible, then we want targeted further openings," said Aiwanger.

The question of how things will go with the lockdown in February cannot yet be answered because you do not know what the corona numbers will look like in a week or two.

Streibl also emphasized that you could not give a specific date for this, but the numbers should be down again.

Aiwanger also emphasized: "We are not the supporters of the theory: let's close for a few more weeks to be on the safe side."

After all, it is also about livelihoods and jobs.

One should rather try to justify easing and not always looking for arguments that speak against easing, he demanded.

When it comes to trading, people want to take steps to open up “if there is any place”.

They do not want to increase the risk of infection, but open openings that the population and the economy need.

Aiwanger and Streibl referred to “intelligent measures” such as the new FFP2 mask requirement, which could minimize risks.

And on the benchmark for easing, Aiwanger said that one should not only see the seven-day incidence, but also make an overall view, for example with the current hospital load.


Basically, Aiwanger and Streibl called for more optimism.

One should “not just talk about the English virus,” said Aiwanger, and not just warn that things could get worse.

If you tell someone every day that tomorrow they could be struck by lightning or run over by a car, "then they don't dare to get up in the morning," said the minister.