An influential video clip spread on social networking sites of a British family who was very happy about the participation of their son for the first time as a professional football player, after suffering from a rare bone injury that seated him in a wheelchair as a child.

Young defender Declan Thompson (18 years) participated in his first professional match with his side Sheffield Wednesday against Exeter City in the FA Cup last Saturday, and upon entering the pitch, his family, who watched the match from home, began to celebrate madly with joy.

This is beautiful ❤️

After being diagnosed with Perthes Disease at a young age, Declan Thompson spent years in a wheelchair and was told he may never walk again.

This weekend he made his full senior debut for @swfc in the #EmiratesFACup, and his family couldn't be prouder!

- Emirates FA Cup (@EmiratesFACup) January 13, 2021

The official FA Cup account posted the family’s video on Twitter, commenting, “That's beautiful, after being diagnosed with Perthes disease at a young age, Declan Thompson spent years in a wheelchair and was told he might never walk again. This weekend, he made his debut. Time with the adults in the tournament. "

At age 5, Declan Thompson was diagnosed with Perthes Syndrome and the doctors said that he might never walk again.

He underwent several operations and spent 18 months in a wheelchair and he never gave up.

On Sunday, he made his debut for Sheffield Wednesday.



- Football Tweet (@Football__Tweet) January 13, 2021

I absolutely adore this.

There's no better feeling than seeing you kids achieve something special.

Love, love, love it ❤️⚽️

- Bill Hanfrey (@BHanfrey) January 14, 2021

What football is about 👇🏻

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Thompson's father appeared severely affected and tears of joy fell the moment he saw his son go down to the field and participate in the match.

Last thing I needed to see today 😭

- Ben Jay (@benjayyman) January 13, 2021

Activists expressed their affection for this footage, which expresses the reason for the love and passion of football, pointing to the great role of the family and its importance when it inspires its children to achieve their dreams, even if it is impossible.