Diary Sow's disappearance: the question of social pressure

Photo of Diary Sow taken in Dakar on August 7, 2020 and obtained by AFP from the Senegalese presidency.

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A student in preparatory class at the prestigious Parisian high school Louis-le-Grand, the Senegalese Diary Sow has still been missing since January 4.

An investigation is underway in France.

The case is widely followed in Senegal, where his school career commands admiration and raises the question of social pressure.


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With our correspondent in Dakar,

Charlotte Idrac

His name appears three times on the table of the best students at the Keur Madior international school complex in Mbour.

It was in this private establishment that Diary Sow did part of his schooling.

Director Papa Djibril Diop hails

a model of success


She left indelible marks on Keur Madior, she is a model student

 ", he greets.

This mediatized image of a “model student”, the departure for France far from his family, the preparatory class… Could all this have been felt as a pressure on the shoulders of the young woman?

Papa Djibril Diop does not believe it.


To my knowledge, I don't think you can put pressure on her.

She has always been very lucid, she has her head on her shoulders, she is well surrounded.


Diary Sow is also vice-president of the organization Les élites Senegalaises which she presents in this video published last year.


There is a very strong social pressure in Senegal, but it is strong

, estimates Mohammed Massal Gueye, coordinator of the association.

We share the same ideas: after our studies, come back to serve the country.


According to his relatives, Diary Sow had not expressed any discomfort recently and was thinking about

the choices of his competitions

for prestigious French schools, ENS-Polytechnique, Centrale-Supelec or even Mines-Ponts.

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