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few days ago, a famous Chinese blogger uploaded a kimchi video, and there was controversy that it was Chinese food. This is a situation where I doubt my intention.

Jang Jun, a man wearing an apron and lifting freshly pickled kimchi, is a Chinese ambassador to the United Nations. This is a photo posted on his SNS on the 3rd with a post saying,'One of the ways to enjoy winter is to eat homemade kimchi.

Korean netizens continue to post comments emphasizing the fact that kimchi is Korean food, saying,'Thank you for loving Korean kimchi'. It seems that Korean kimchi should not be mistaken for Chinese customs.

Earlier, on the 9th, a famous Chinese YouTuber with 14 million subscribers added a hashtag of Chinese food to the kimchi and kimchi stew videos, and the Chinese confronted that Koreans were arguing over the insignificant thing. However, in light of the Chinese precedents that have distorted history and culture, such as the Northeast Project, it seems that it is not something that can be ignored in the end.

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Northeast Project is a policy of China's initiative since 2002.

So, I will make all the history of the countries around China into the history of China.

This is an unusual direction for China, and it seems that an active response is needed.

Please give me the last news.

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This is the last news today (14th).

I'm going to introduce a sentence now, but it would be nice to listen to it and see how you feel.

'Master's ten years teaching is not just a mother's ten months raising, and a mother's ten months raising is not just a father's one day.' Is it my own thought that I feel uncomfortable to hear somehow?

This is a plastic bag that a public health center in Yongin recently handed out to pregnant women.

The contents written here are part of the prenatal book, Taekyo Shingi, written by Isa Judang, a female scholar during the Joseon Dynasty. It was written to emphasize the importance of prenatal education, but there seems to be a lot of difference from the emotions these days.

As the controversy spread, the public health center explained that it was only a few times provided to pregnant women who did not have a bag to put their gifts in because a small amount of the envelopes that had been made in the prenatal classroom in the past were left behind. Are also growing.

Not long ago, even in Seoul, public opinion was met by advising a full-term pregnant woman about to give birth to her husband's clothes and side dishes. Recently, there are growing voices that local governments are unable to read the trend of the times or are not sure why they are doing this. .