Numerous reports stated that American Colette Keeler, who won two Olympic gold medals in relay as a colleague of Michael Phelps, was among the supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump in the storming of Congress last week.

A report by the "SwimSwam" website, which specializes in swimming news on the Internet, said that at least 12 people from within the sport have identified, through video and footage of the riots, Keeler, dressed in the US Olympic team uniform inside the Congress headquarters.

Trump supporters fought back after Capitol Police moved in to retake the Rotunda.

- Julio Rosas (@ Julio_Rosas11) January 6, 2021

The American Swimming Association did not respond to a request to confirm whether Keller was among the participants in the storming of Congress, in an attempt to prevent the confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

Attempts to reach Keeler were unsuccessful.

Klete Keller wearing his USA swim jacket and fighting police

- Cgsg52008 (@ cgsg52008) January 12, 2021

A woman answered a phone at a real estate company where Keeler worked. She told Reuters, "We are not going to comment on anything right now," then hung up.

Sources confirmed that the 38-year-old Keeler, who won 5 Olympic medals, has already appeared in Congress but has not committed any riots, according to the videos.

And 5 people, including a policeman, died as a result of this storming.

Well, Olympian Klete Keller was pretty special ....

before he decided to desecrate the seat of our Republic.https: //

- David Michael Kalman (@dmkalman) January 13, 2021