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January 13, 2021 In a one-day lightning procedure, the US House passed the impeachment motion against Donald Trump for inciting insurrection: for encouraging his fans to storm Congress and prevent Joe Biden's victory certification. In favor of 232 deputies, including at least 10 Republicans, against 197. Trump thus becomes the first president in history to be indicted twice, after the one for Ukraine.

The chronicle of the day

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with her speech in the House of Representatives, had opened the debate on the resolution of impeachment. The Chamber approved - with 221 votes in favor and 203 against - the rules for the debate. 

After the discussion, the actual vote on the indictment of the president for the second time began at around 10 pm. Republicans had criticized speaker Pelosi for authorizing proxy voting due to the pandemic. But after the assault on Congress last week, many of the Republican deputies used the proxy voting option. 

"Dangerous Trump"

Donald Trump "must go, he is a clear and immediate danger" for democracy, Pelosi said, opening the debate. "We know that the president of the United States has incited this insurrection, armed the rebellion, against our country", said Pelosi, stressing that this "breaks her heart, it must break everyone's heart", Pelosi asked the Republicans to "look into their souls" at the time of the vote, and concluded his speech by stating that the rioters who attacked Congress are not "patriots but terrorists".

Gop, at least 10 for impeachment

At least 10 Republicans are in favor of Trump's impeachment. Cnn reports it. The latest to be added to the list is Washington's Gop Rep Dan Newhouse, who tweeted that he was in favor of the indictment. The others are John Katko of New York, Jamie Herrera Beutler of Washington, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Fred Upton of Michigan and Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Tom Rice elected in South Carolina, Anthony Gonzalez elected in Ohio, Peter Meijer of Michigan and David Valadao elected in California.

McConnell for impeachment trial after Trump's term ends

Republican Senator leader Mitch McConnell has made it known that he does not intend to call an emergency session of the Upper House to celebrate the impeachment process against Donald Trump, thus postponing him to after the end of the mandate. The US media reported it. Mitch McConnell also wrote in a letter to colleagues from the Republican Party that he has not decided how to vote on Trump's impeachment if the House gives the green light for the impeachment.

Biden-Harris: threats of violence, we seriously evaluate 

"A week after the Congress attack by terrorists and violent extremists, the Nation continues to know more about the threat to our democracy and possible more violence in the coming days, both in the capital than in the rest of the country ". This is what reads a statement by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris after the president-elect attended

a briefing with "senior officials of the FBI and the Secret Service". "This is a threat that the president-elect and his team are taking incredibly seriously," the statement concluded.

Trump: no to violence 

"In light of the news of other demonstrations, I ask that there be no violence, violation of the law and vandalism of any kind". This is the appeal made by US President Donald Trump in a note, while the debate on the impeachment procedure is underway in the House. "It's not what I'm fighting for, it's not what America represents - he says -

Asked ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm souls. Thank you."

Firefighter arrested

Meanwhile, FBI agents have arrested a firefighter in Florida who participated in the assault on Congress: his name is Andrew Williams, he appeared in a photo pointing to the sign of the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Williams was suspended from the Fire Department and retired without pay. 

Suicidal supporter

One of Donald Trump's supporters, Christopher Stanton, arrested by Washington police following the assault on Congress last January 6, committed suicide with a gunshot to the chest on charges of '' illegal entry into public property '' and violation of the curfew imposed in the American capital. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the body of the man, 53, originally from the state of Georgia, was found in his home in Alpharetha.

Settlement fears

Meanwhile, preparations continue for Biden's inauguration ceremony. The 15,000 National Guard agents in Washington will be partially armed, and the Secret Service is setting up a maxi-security operation to lock up the city. The fear is of new violent protests: at least 16 groups, some of which are armed, have come forward to demonstrate.