China News Service, January 13th. According to the Associated Press, on the 13th local time, a woman in Kansas, USA, was executed the federal death penalty for the brutal murder of a pregnant woman in Missouri.

According to reports, this is the first time a female prisoner has been executed by the US federal government in nearly 70 years.

  According to reports, 52-year-old Lisa Montgomery received the death penalty by lethal injection in a federal prison in Indiana.

Later, she was pronounced dead at 1:31 am local time.

She is the 11th prisoner to receive a death sentence by lethal injection in the area since July 2020.

  In 2004, Montgomery brutally killed a 23-year-old woman named Steinnett who was eight months pregnant in a small town in northwest Missouri.

  According to reports, the most recent female sentenced to the federal death penalty was Bonnie Brown Heady who was executed on December 18, 1953 because she kidnapped and murdered a 6-year-old in Missouri. Boy.

  According to previous media reports, in 2019, the then U.S. Attorney General Barr announced the restoration of the federal death penalty that had been abolished for nearly 20 years.

In April 2020, a U.S. Federal Court of Appeal ruled that the U.S. government approved the death penalty by injecting drugs.