• Renzi: the ministers Bellanova and Bonetti and the undersecretary Scalfarotto resigned

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  • Prime Minister Conte al Quirinale, Mattarella: "Get out of uncertainty soon"


January 13, 2021 After the announcement by Matteo Renzi of the resignation of the exponents of Italia Viva within the Conte executive, the opposition is once again calling for a return to the polls.

Salvini: is the government gone?


"Conte, Renzi, Di Maio, Zingaretti. Endless quarrel, Italians hostage. Health, work, school, taxes. Everything stopped. So? January, vote in Portugal. February, vote in Catalonia. March, vote in Holland, Israel and Bulgaria. April, vote in Albania. May, vote in Scotland, Wales and Cyprus. June, vote in France. September, vote in Norway, Russia and Germany. October, vote in the Czech Republic. There is no government in Italy. more? What do we do? #elections #democracy # freedom ".

Matteo Salvini writes it on Facebook. 

Meloni: Conte resigns, elections immediately

"Italians on their knees, government in shambles. Italy cannot afford to waste any more time. Conte resigns. Elections immediately".

Thus the leader of Fratelli d'Italia, Giorgia Meloni, also on Facebook.