Berlin (dpa) - The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has spoken out clearly against a corona vaccination obligation for nurses.

The numbers on the vaccination readiness of the nursing staff are not representative, "on site" you get, "that the vaccination readiness is there," said Lauterbach the editorial network Germany (RND / Wednesday).

“We have to be careful not to create a problem at this point that does not yet exist.

In addition, we have promised not to introduce any compulsory vaccinations - not even for certain groups.

We should keep our word, »said Lauterbach, referring to a promise repeated by various members of the government.

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder triggered a debate on Tuesday about compulsory vaccination.

The CSU boss assumed a rather low willingness to vaccinate among nurses.

«If the vaccination readiness improves dramatically, it is certainly not necessary.

But if it stays that way for the next few months, then this is simply the area that is most vulnerable and the greatest challenge, ”said Söder.

Therefore a discussion about it is necessary.

Lauterbach argued that compulsory vaccination for nurses was "not thought through to the end".

“Because in the end we cannot do without a nurse, even if she cannot be vaccinated,” said the SPD politician.