North Korea concluded the 8th Labor Party Congress and held a celebration performance.

The Chosun Central News Agency reported, "The grand performance'Singing the Party' to celebrate the 8th Labor Party Congress was held yesterday (13th) at Pyongyang Gymnasium."

Labor Party general secretary Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Supreme People's Assembly Choi Ryong-hae, Secretary of the Supreme People's Assembly Cho Yong-won, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Party by Lee Byeong-cheol, and Prime Minister Kim Deok-hoon, etc. attended the performance.

North Korea also conducted a class yesterday for the participants of the party conference.

Organizational secretary Cho Yong-won and propaganda secretary Park Tae-sung mentioned ways to implement the party's decisions to the party participants and emphasized that they will serve the party's line, policies, and projects.

(Photo = Chosun Central TV screen, Yonhap News)