Google's YouTube, on Tuesday, temporarily suspended the outgoing US President Donald Trump's channel, deleting a video clip for violating the site's rules, which prohibit incitement to violence.

YouTube said - in a statement - that, "In light of concerns about the continuing possibility of violence, we have deleted new content uploaded to Donald Trump's channel for violating our policies."

The statement added that the channel is now temporarily banned from downloading new content, at least for 7 days.

The video-sharing platform confirmed it would "disable comments indefinitely" on Trump's channel due to safety concerns.

The US President’s YouTube account has 2.77 million subscribers.

And Facebook suspended Trump accounts on his platform and the Instagram platform, after a crowd of his supporters stormed the Capitol building.

This temporarily disrupted the validation hearing on Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election.

Announcing the comment last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Trump was using the platform to incite violence, expressing concern that he would continue to do so.

Twitter went further, shutting down Trump's account and depriving him of his favorite platform.

Before that, the platform deliberately placed warning signs on his tweets questioning the election results.

The company also removed more than 70,000 accounts linked to the "Q Anon" movement, which supports the conspiracy theory that considers Donald Trump a hero.

The main page of Trump's YouTube channel includes a video clip of a month-old questioning the election process in the presidential election last November, and the video received 5.8 million views.

On Tuesday, activists called on YouTube to join other platforms that have suspended Trump's accounts, threatening a campaign to boycott the ads.