The victim resisted the perpetrators and caught one of them

3 imprisoned for coerced robbery and impersonation of policemen

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced two defendants to five years in prison and three years in prison, while postponing the verdict against a fourth suspect who was later arrested on charges of stealing 642,000 dirhams under duress and about 15 mobile phones, after impersonating police officers affiliated with the investigations and storming an apartment inhabited by a group of people among them A representative of a company was targeted by the defendants in the first place, after learning that he was keeping a large amount belonging to his company in a safe inside the apartment in preparation for supplying it the next day, but he resisted them and managed to catch one of them.

The victim said during the investigations of the Public Prosecution that he works for a company in the Fareej Al Marar area, and lives in the building in which his workplace is located, pointing out that he always takes over cash from the company’s director, and then delivers it to a company specialized in transferring money.

He added that he received a cash amount of 551 thousand and 200 dirhams to deliver it as usual, but when he went to the headquarters of the money transfer company, he was told that he had to return the next day, so he returned to his residence and put the amount in an iron safe under his bed with another amount of 91 thousand dirhams.

He pointed out that at about 2:30 in the next morning, he was surprised by four people, one of whom wore the Gulf dress and put a hat on his head, and he was speaking as the head of the group, and he showed a card and then quickly concealed it without giving the victim or any of his colleagues in the apartment the opportunity to look into it. He asked them to show their identities and asked them if they had any items inside the apartment, then he began to search the place, then he asked them if they had any money, and they replied in the negative except for the victim. He threatened the "fake policeman" that if any sums were found, the owner would face a criminal charge So, fear sneaked into the employee's heart and revealed that he had money under his bed belonging to his company.

The victim indicated that the defendant asked him to show the money, so he opened the safe for him and gave him an amount of 642 thousand dirhams, and told him that he belonged to his company and showed him a receipt to prove this, but the accused continued to ask him about the source of the money while the rest of the defendants were scattering the contents of the other rooms.

He added that the accused asked him to hand over the money and accompany him to the police station to verify the validity of his statements, so he responded to him and escorted him outside, and the accused insisted that the rest of the victims remain in the apartment, and when he asked about the police patrol, the defendants told him that they would transport him in a taxi, so he doubted that they were Police officers, so he clashed with the first accused and shouted, "You are not a police, I will call the police." Then a quarrel took place with them and the defendants tried to free their colleague from his grip, but he tightly caught him and sought help from passers-by, so the rest of the accused fled, left their colleague and went to the taxi.

The victim said that in the meantime, a person of his nationality came - it was later found that he was complicit with the accused - and asked him to help him in catching the accused, but he was surprised by him asking him to leave him because he is a member of the investigation, pointing out that the accused escaped him for a while and was able to throw a financial package containing 551 thousand dirhams to his colleagues, who rushed to flee, before he caught him again until the police arrived and arrested him.

The victim receives cash from his company for delivery to the money transfer company.

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