Celle (dpa) - Two women from the Hildesheim district are fighting for both of them to be entered as mothers in the birth certificate of their daughter Paula.

It is about legal equality with heterosexual married couples, said Gesa Teichert-Akkermann, who gave birth to Paula in February 2020, to the German Press Agency.

Her wife Verena Akkermann is one of the two mothers, Paula has known her voice since she was pregnant.

According to the current legal situation, her partner can only use the sometimes lengthy procedure of stepchild adoption.

From the point of view of the Akkermanns, this is “unconstitutional discrimination”.

This afternoon (1.30 p.m.) the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Celle is dealing with the case after applications by the family from Schellerten near Hildesheim were rejected in the first instance by the Hildesheim District Court and Hanover District Court.

It was about the entry of Verena Akkermann as mother in Paula's birth certificate and the judicial determination of a parent-child relationship.

According to an OLG spokesman, it is a non-public video hearing.

A decision by the family senate is not yet expected.

Background information from the Society for Freedom Rights


"Nodoption" initiative by affected families