China News Service, Washington, January 12 (Reporter Chen Mengtong) U.S. President Trump stated at the White House on the 12th that the Democrats of Congress once again launched impeachment against themselves, which is "the continuation of the biggest'witch hunt' in political history."

  Trump made the above statement when he was preparing to leave for Texas to inspect the border wall.

This was the first time he faced the media publicly after the protesters stormed the Congress on the 6th.

  Trump said, "We have never, and absolutely do not want to be violent. Regarding impeachment, this is a continuation of the biggest'witch hunt' in political history."

  The U.S. House of Representatives initiated the impeachment procedure on the 11th, accusing him of "sedition".

The House of Representatives will hold a vote on Trump's impeachment clause on the 13th at the earliest.

If the vote is passed, Trump will become the first president in American history to be impeached twice.

  "This is absolutely ridiculous." Trump went on to say that if congressional Democrats continue to follow the path of impeachment, "it will bring great danger to our country and cause great anger."

  Before the attack on Congress, Trump gave an hour-long speech to demonstrators on the South Lawn of the White House at noon on the 6th.

He denied the results of the general election and said "we will never give up and never admit defeat" and urged the demonstrators to march to the Congress to protest.

  Before boarding the presidential plane at Joint Base Andrews on the 12th, Trump said that his speech at the demonstration rally was "completely appropriate" and pointed out that some politicians' speeches during the anti-racism demonstration last summer were the ones "A real problem".

  The congressional shock incident has caused the death of 4 demonstrators and at least one congressional policeman.

After the incident, several White House and Trump administration cabinet ministers announced their resignations.

Since the 11th, Washington, the capital, has entered a state of emergency in response to the president's inauguration.