The investigation opened for "worrying disappearance" concerning Diary Sow, young Senegalese student, considers all the tracks, including that of the fugue.

Since January 4, there has been no news of this 20-year-old young woman, named "best student" in Senegal.

She did not resume classes after the Christmas holidays at the prestigious Parisian lycée Louis-Le-Grand, where she studies in preparatory class.

All avenues, including that of running away, are being considered after the disappearance on January 4 of a young Senegalese student in Paris, Diary Sow, well known in her country where she embodies a model of academic success, we have learned Tuesday from a source close to the case.

An investigation was opened in France for "worrying disappearance" since this young woman of 20 years did not resume the lessons after the Christmas holidays at the prestigious Parisian high school Louis-Le-Grand, where she studies in preparatory class.

More news since January 1

According to a Senegalese student association in Toulouse, Diary Sow spent the end-of-year vacation in this city in southwestern France with his best friend, a medical student.

She was due to leave on January 1st.

Her trace is lost at this time, and she did not go back to school on January 4 in Paris.

The disappearance was reported on January 7 by the Senegalese consul, and Senegalese student circles were set in motion on social networks and in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, where the young woman lives in a university residence.

Posters with his photo were put up in the neighborhood.

"Miss Sciences" in 2017

On the website of the consulate, a disappearance notice with the photo of the young woman and a telephone number (07 85 93 32 11) was published.

His disappearance is causing a stir in Senegal, where Diary Sow, “Miss Sciences” in 2017, won the all-around competition in 2018 and 2019 and was named “best student” in the country.

It had been received by President Macky Sall.

She also wrote a novel, "Under the face of an angel", and, according to a Senegalese student in Paris, she was in the process of writing her second book.