Berlin (dpa / bb) - Unlike in Bavaria, Berlin is not yet obliged to wear FFP2 masks in local public transport and in retail.

The Senate did not discuss this at its meeting, said Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD) on Tuesday.

However, the members of the Senate did not find out about the cabinet decision from Munich to introduce an FFP2 mask requirement in Bavaria from next Monday until the end of their meeting.

"I'm sure that this will be discussed at the next Senate meeting," said Kollatz.

The senator, however, had concerns: Hospitals and scientists had regularly heard on the subject that FFP2 masks would have to be removed after a relatively short time and could not be easily cleaned and reused with generally available means, said Kollatz.

"So you have to see how you deal with it."

Brandenburg is also currently not planning any FFP2 mask requirements in buses and trains or in retail.

"An FFP-2 mask requirement in public transport was not an issue in the Brandenburg cabinet today," said government spokesman Florian Engels of the German press agency in Potsdam.

"Such a mask requirement is currently not provided."


In Berlin and Brandenburg there is already an obligation to wear mouth and nose protection on public buses and trains and in retail, but regardless of a protection category.

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