Mainz / Neuwied (dpa / lrs) - The Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD) has been optimistic about the country's largest zoo, which has almost gone bankrupt.

"We are very confident that the Neuwied Zoo will survive the pandemic," said the Prime Minister on Monday.

«I would like to thank the numerous donors for the unbelievable sum of 250,000 euros.

That shows how much the zoo is important to the people in and around Neuwied. "

According to Dreyer, the corona-related closed facility with 1,800 animals and 80 employees will receive additional support from state and federal funds with a total of 150,000 euros in total.

The previous help from hundreds of donors was collected within a short time.

As a result, municipal representatives canceled a round table with Dreyer planned for Monday at short notice.

According to the State Chancellery, among other things, the first payment of the Corona November aid in Rhineland-Palatinate is to go to the Neuwied Zoo.

That would be 89,000 euros after already transferred 10,000 euros.

State Secretary for Economic Affairs Daniela Schmitt, FDP top candidate for the state elections on March 14th, emphasized: "We can only survive these challenging times through strong cohesion in the country."

It is just as important to her that "all other companies now also receive the requested assistance quickly in order to preserve our business location, our companies and jobs".


The CDU local politicians Pascal Badziong and Martin Hahn recalled the petition they had started to save the Neuwied Zoo.

"The signatures soared within a few hours, so that we have now reached over 30,000 signatories," said Hahn.

The great willingness to donate shows "that the Neuwied Zoo is firmly anchored in the hearts of the people of the region".

Due to Corona, the zoos and zoos in Rhineland-Palatinate have been closed since the beginning of November 2020.

Even in the first lockdown the previous spring, they had to stay for weeks.

The Neuwied Zoo ran into financial difficulties due to a lack of income with ongoing expenses.

Neuwied Zoo