Erfurt (dpa / th) - The former Thuringian Minister of the Interior and Economic Affairs Franz Schuster (CDU) is dead. He died on Friday at the age of 77, as the CDU parliamentary group leader in the Thuringian state parliament, Mario Voigt, announced on Monday.

"With him, Thuringian politics is losing an extraordinary person to whom our country owes a lot," said the CDU parliamentary group's Facebook page.

Schuster, born in Durlangen (Baden-Württemberg), was appointed Minister of the Interior in the cabinet of Prime Minister Bernhard Vogel (CDU) in September 1992.

"The regional reform orchestrated by him after 1992 is still largely in effect today," recalled the CDU parliamentary group.

In December 1994 Schuster took over the economic department.

“Between 1994 and 2003 he managed the difficult period of“ Reconstruction East ”as Minister of Economics in our country.

As a graduate economist, he knew what was necessary to shape the transition to a social market economy, ”said the CDU parliamentary group.

As a Christian Democrat, he knew that everything was always about the fate of the employees.


«His honest word has often shown us the right way.

At an early stage, he also promoted networking between universities and the economy in Thuringia.

It is a legacy that - like much of what he has achieved in Thuringia - will endure beyond his death. "

Mario Voigt on Twitter

CDU parliamentary group on Facebook