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  • It is a special Consumer Electronics Show which opens this Monday in Las Vegas with a 100% virtual meeting.

    Because of the coronavirus, start-ups will present their innovations on video.

  • Among the French companies present, we find Green tech innovations, one of the only two start-ups for the whole of Grand-Est selected by the CES.

  • It will present a luminous head to replace those of the old candelabras in the streets.

    An economical, energy-autonomous and intelligent light head, offering remote management as well as services to residents.

This year, the Covid-19 is reshuffling the cards at CES in Las Vegas.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest high-tech show, will be completely digital for the first time.

No team trips and evening entertainment under the Sin City sunlights.

The show, which usually brings together thousands of start-ups ready to share their discoveries, will be more discreet this year.

This is probably what explains why “the candidatures were less numerous, explains the CCI international Grand-Est.

It is a significant investment for a young company and many are cautious about launching into a completely digital trade fair, because not all have gone well ”.

A feeling that the figures confirm.

"Only two companies in the Grand-Est region (both are from Lorraine), nearly eight times less than in 2020, are part of the French delegation" confirms Valérie Mottl, International Advisor to the CCI.

One of the smart, autonomous and connected light head models from Green Tech Innovations .. - Green Tech Innovations.

Show your adaptability

Not enough to impress David Chquiry, president of the start-up Green-Tech-Innovations near Metz, one of the two companies in the Grand-Est region selected, which intends to keep control of this CES Las Vegas.

For the young entrepreneur, his selection and participation is very positive.

“The CES is a spur to also see around the world, what is happening” in its sector of activity.

The preparation is already a good apprenticeship ”he rejoices.

“In the long term, we are also targeting the North American market and we have identified missions in Montreal and Chicago.

With this digital participation, we want to show our ability to adapt.

Show that we also know how to manage jet lag because we will have to work from 5 pm to 4 am, but we are passionate, ”smiles the young president.

The team, well coached by Team Business France, has also honed its English and it is ready to present on the world market its invention, kept secret until now and whose patent was filed at the end of August.

The idea is to replace the thousands of aging candelabras with a light head powered by a solar panel, autonomous, intelligent and interactive, coupled with remote management software.

"There are 9 million light points in France, 75% of which consume 8 to 10 times more than they should", underlines David Chquiry.

Our CES Las Vegas 2021 dossier

A thousand miles from being "simple" detection equipment that could be limited to modulation of light, the light head is intelligent.

Managing and providing its own electricity supply via solar panels, it could manage connected objects such as surveillance cameras, information screens, and even offer passers-by to connect to recharge their cellphones… See soon to capture LiFi, a sort of 'Internet based on the speed of light while avoiding electromagnetic waves.

What no longer see public lighting in the same eye.

Better still, by replacing only the luminous head of the candelabra, this makes it possible to avoid changing the mast and the device in the basement.

Enough to make substantial savings for the community, especially since solar energy allows the light head to be autonomous.

Better still, software allows it to self-regulate and to offer lighting and energy-saving solutions to personnel who can also manage the network of light heads remotely.

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