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What happened around 1:30 am in the night from Sunday to Monday avenue du Maréchal-Soult in Bayonne?

A 37-year-old woman was killed by a police officer during a traffic stop.

The victim refused to comply and the police had to open fire according to the first explanations of the public prosecutor.

One officer was even reportedly struck and injured in the knee.

Jérôme Bourrier specifies that "the circumstances of the opening of the fires have yet to be specified".

The victim, known to the judicial services for cases of hit and run, threat of death and theft according to Europe 1, was seriously injured by one or more shots.

Hospitalized, she did not survive.

IGPN entered

The police officer, author of the shooting (s), was taken into custody.

The judicial police as well as the IGPN were co-seized.

An investigation was opened "for attempted homicide on police officers" and another is being carried out by the IGPN, for "homicide by a person holding public authority" to understand the conditions under which the police officer fired.

The public prosecutor has planned to communicate on this case during the day.


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