China News Service, January 10th. According to Korean media reports, recently, after news of the Korean movie "Sowon" prototype criminal Zhao Doo-soon's application for basic living allowances and other subsidies was spread, South Korean netizens posted on the Blue House petition website to oppose this.

  On the 8th, a post titled "Don't give Zhao Douchun a basic living allowance" appeared on the Blue House National Petition website.

Source: Screenshot of the South Korean Blue House petition website.

  The post wrote that when I saw the news that Jo Doo-soon applied for a living allowance, I felt that the tax I had paid was a shame when I thought of putting national taxes on someone who was also embarrassed, shameless and monster-like as a Korean national.

  Then, the article wrote, "Jo Doo-soon committed an unspeakable evil, because he, a family has to endure incurable pain", "But, 1.2 million won per month to such a person? It is really unacceptable."

Data Map: Zhao Douchun

  At the same time, the poster also said that whether it is basic living security or old-age subsidy, people who pay various taxes should be given preferential treatment. “For the monster who has not paid a cent in taxes in 12 years and only spent taxes in prison. For ordinary people, where is there any reason to give him living expenses until he dies?"

  He finally emphasized that he hoped that the authorities would not implement (subsidies to Zhao Douchun), would not make the people angry, and commit to correct administration.

  As of 4 pm on the 10th local time, more than 18,000 people have agreed to support this petition post.

  Cho Doo-soon was sentenced to 12 years in prison in September 2009 for allegedly kidnapping, raping, and hurting elementary school students in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, in December 2008.

He was released from prison on December 12, 2020 after serving his sentence.

  Zhao Douchun recently submitted to the government where he lives an application for the basic living security subsidy granted by South Korea to low-income groups.

If approved, the family of two with his wife can receive 1.194 million won (approximately RMB 7,073) subsidies per month.

  The standard for granting subsidies is mainly considered from the aspects of labor ability, income, family property, etc., and also considers whether the applicant is disabled, age, and single parent.

Zhao Douchun is over 65 years old. Although his spouse is under 65 years old, but they also declare that they are unable to work. The two are highly likely to be approved for basic living allowance.

  According to reports, South Korea’s "Basic Living Guarantee Act" does not restrict criminals to receive subsidies.