Airplane Jakarta (AP Photo)

  • Indonesia, plane crash for Sriwijaya Air flight from Jakarta

  • Indonesia, flight from Jakarta disappears, government confirms: Boeing crashed


January 10, 2021 Human remains and debris were found off the Indonesian capital Jakarta today, where a Boeing flying domestic crashed into the sea with 62 people on board.   

The plane of the local company Sriwijaya Air which connects Jakarta to Pontianak, in the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo, had lost contact with the air traffic controllers yesterday at about 14:40 local time (8:40 Italian time), approximately 4 minutes after take-off.

Details of the possible causes of the accident have not yet been provided by the authorities, who have launched extensive search operations despite the possibility of finding survivors seem unlikely.   

"This morning we found items belonging to passengers and parts of corpses," police spokesman Yusri Yunus said, adding that "identification is being worked on".