Chinese para-athlete Gui Yunan, 35, has a relentless attitude to life in China, says AFP news agency.

Gui is a former athlete who has started competing in bodybuilding in his later career.

The woman lost her right leg as a child in a car accident, and moves on a crutch both on and off the stage.

Gui Yuna, who rests on his armpit, competed with healthy athletes in Beijing in December. Photo: Noel Celis / AFP / Lehtikuva

AFP released a video showcasing Guin’s racing and life.

You can watch the video below.

Gui tells in a video that he has been bullied during his life.

- I was called a disabled or three-legged cat.

Most of the time it was about verbal harassment.

At times the bullying became physical, Gui recalls and continues:

- The first time I was overthrown, I started crying.

Then I got used to struggling and thought you could tease me as much as amuse me, but I will survive as long as my heart is brave.

Gui pulled his jaws with the support of his coach Zhu Liping in a Shanghai gym. Photo: AFP / Lehtikuva

Gui is popular on Chinese social media, especially the TikTok app, where he publishes short videos of his workouts.

According to AFP, he is praised for making people with disabilities visible in China, where they are often pushed to the margins.

The athlete represented China at the 2004 Athens Paralympics, where he finished seventh in his class long jump.

Gui also competed in high jump.

Photo from 2007.Photo: imago sport / AOP

In bodybuilding, he has already reaped a reputation.

Immediately after the first race came the victory last October.

- Many people say that my destiny has been hard.

I do not agree.

I am grateful that my life has been a hitch.

Thanks to them, I grew, my heart became stronger, and I became who I am now, Gui commented to AFP.

Gui with a hoist in Shanghai. Photo: AFP / Magazine

Competitors in Beijing in December on the stage of the IWF bodybuilding competition.Photo: Noel Celis / AFP / Lehtikuva