In a column published in the columns of the "JDD", the secretary general of the CFDT Laurent Berger calls for an immediate increase of 15% of wages in the social and medico-social sector.

A cause which should be "THE great cause of the five-year term" according to him.

The secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, calls in a column published by the


for an immediate 15% increase in wages in the social and medico-social sector, where employees are "three quarters of women" who should be "THE great cause of the five-year term", in his eyes.

"The social and medico-social sectors are dying from a lack of national coherence in their funding and management. This creates a breach of the principle of equal treatment and access to public service," he notes. .

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"THE great cause of the five-year term"

"These sectors are essential to social cohesion. It is urgent to get them out of short-term logic. The inclusion of a fifth risk through a new branch of Social Security goes in this direction. ensure sustainable and sufficient funding ", continues Laurent Berger.

But, he also underlines, "behind these policies, there are professionals, three quarters of women, who, on a daily basis, engage with the most vulnerable", and "they were to be THE great cause of the five-year term. ".


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However, "their payslips are lower than the average by more than 25%" and "their working and employment conditions are marked by a strong use of part-time work and precarious contracts, a high loss experience, a high rate of loss. 'work stoppages and a lack of recognition of the arduous nature of their jobs.

For many of these “underpaid” jobs, “an immediate salary increase of 15% is necessary to reduce these abysmal differences, and give these professionals some of the republican value of equality,” concludes the union leader .