▲ View of Taiwan Yushan Weather Station

Taiwanese media reported that 126 people died in 48 hours due to a cold wave in Taiwan, which has a subtropical climate and rarely falls below 10 degrees in winter.

According to the Binfruit Daily, 126 people died in two days from 7 pm on the 7th as the Arctic cold wave, which drops to sub-zero temperatures, descended to Taiwan.

Many of the fatalities are elderly patients with cardiovascular disease, which are known to have abnormalities in blood vessels due to cold waves.

Taiwan, which runs along the northern tropics, has a higher temperature than Korea, but it is humid and does not have heating facilities such as ondol.

Taiwan's Central Meteorological Bureau, predicting that the cold will continue until next Tuesday, urged people to take full care of the cold.

(Photo = Captured by Central Meteorological Bureau, Ministry of Transportation, Taiwan, Yonhap News)