A group of about

70 young people

went from playing with the snow to looking for a human target in the streets of


the Municipal Police officers.

In the middle of Plaza del


and on

Gran Vía,

cut by the heavy snow that


has left


like all the streets of the capital, the group of vandals chased police officers and patrol cars with balls.

Police sources explained that there was even a threat of assault on the facilities of the

Central North Integral Unit,

located in the popularly called

Plaza de la Luna,

next to Gran Vía. The agents received reinforcements from both their colleagues from the

Municipal Police

and from the agents from the nearby National Police Center station.

They set up a human barrier in the street to stop the thugs, who were throwing balls everywhere.

Everything had started as a snowball fight, but after a while, and after the success of the call on social networks, the matter ended in eviction.

In Callao, next to the cinema of the same name and one of the entrances of the Metro, the agents loaded with anti-riot gear against the young people, and there were runs and falls typical of the snowy ground.

The agents ended up evicting the


and by 9:00 p.m. normality was restored.

This was another of the



that took place in the center of Madrid, as in the very nearby Puerta del Sol, where dozens of people gathered to dance and sing to the rhythm of the snow, ignoring both the recommendations of the administrations and the coronavirus.

The regional president,

Isabel Díaz Ayuso,

asked in a television interview responsibility to the Madrilenians to stay at home, as the mayor of the capital,

José Luis Martínez Almeida, had done.

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