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Good morning?

(Yes, hello.) Please give us the first news today (8th).

<Hyun-Joon Ko/Presentation Critic> A

baby shark on the coast of Australia almost died from a fishing hook that people discarded.

What happened on the coast of Victoria, Australia, where a baby shark is seen through the seaweed, turning the ship over as if dead.

When I get closer, I see a big fishing hook on my mouth.

When the diver lifts it, he suddenly struggles, and when the diver cuts off the seaweed and the tangled fishing line, the fishing hook is clearly visible.

The rust around the mouth of the baby shark appears to have been in this condition for quite some time. The diver was unable to remove the hook from the scene, so the diver took it to the pier and removed the hook.

Then he released it right away, and the baby shark is said to have disappeared after hovering around the diver for a while as if to show gratitude.

It must be remembered once again that a fishing line or hook that is discarded in such a way can endanger the lives of sea creatures.

<Anchor> In

Korea, sea turtles found dead around the coast of Korea are dissected. Then, many of them have died because their organs were damaged by fishing hooks.

As you said, I really think I need to think again about throwing away fishing hooks.

Please tell me the next news.

<Koh Hyeon-jun/Sisa Critic>

This is the next news.

Recently, otters, which are a natural monument and a first-class endangered species, have been found in tributaries of the Han River in downtown Seoul such as Cheonggyecheon and Seongnaecheon.

However, the otters are said to be in poor health.

This is the appearance of several otters captured by environmental groups in the Han River tributaries such as Jungnangcheon and Cheonggyecheon since last November.

The fact that the endangered otter has been identified in various places in Seoul, especially tributaries, is a significant discovery in that it was the first to confirm its habitat and the possibility of restoration.

However, the health status of the otters doesn't look so good.The otters had a lot of wounds on their neck, trunk, and tail, but whether they were attacked by other animals or fought by themselves due to lack of food, but the habitat environment It is clear that it is not good.

In addition, plastic and styrofoam, and desiccants used in laver packaging were also found in the otter's excrement, and voices for improving the habitat environment of otters are growing.


I wish I could see more otters and healthy otters.

Please give me the last news.

<Ko Hyun-jun/Sisa Critic>

This is the last news today.

It must have been inconvenient for many commuters to commute due to heavy snowfall across the country.

However, a variety of snowmen made of snow piled up appeared and caught people's attention.

It is a snowman in the form of a medical staff standing in front of a life treatment center in Seoul.

Sanitary hats and gloves were worn as well as a face shield, and a snowman wearing a mask appeared in front of the temporary screening center at Yongsan Station.

Not only this.

They range from dinosaurs, bears, and penguins, to snowmen that resemble popular anime characters.

The duck snowman lined up in a long line, and this duck snowman authentication shot spread on social media, and it was even listed in real-time search terms.

Group BTS member RM also photographed 7 ducks made with snow and released them on social media.

It even gave it the name DTS, which is a combination of Duck's DUCK and BTS.

It seems that the body and mind tired of the corona were comforted for a while thanks to the citizens who returned to their hearts after a long time and the snowman.