Dresden (dpa / sn) - Saxony is calling for a nationwide regulation that will suspend evictions from apartments during the corona pandemic.

Finding a new apartment is currently difficult or even impossible, said Justice Minister Katja Meier (Greens) on Friday after a cabinet meeting in Dresden.

“It is with great concern that I observe the continued evictions of apartments, despite the pandemic.

Whole families can get into trouble by vacating their rental apartments, which in view of the threat of homelessness leads to existential emergencies, especially in the winter months. "

According to Meier, the regulation should apply as long as the Bundestag determines an epidemic situation of national importance: "In addition to all the financial and health worries these days, people should not have to fear losing the roof over their heads."

Until a possible change in the law, landlords should live up to their social responsibility and create opportunities to avoid evictions.

The problem had already appeared in the first wave of pandemics.

The federal government restricted the right of landlords for a certain period of time to terminate rental and lease agreements due to payment arrears.

The regulation was only valid until June 30, 2020