Qantas Airlines was once again on the ranking list of, which examined data for about 385 airlines, followed by Qatar Airways at the top of the list of the safest airlines to travel in 2021.

The French newspaper "Le Point" said in its report that the year 2021 may be exceptional again if you want to travel by plane, given that the global epidemic requires this, adding that despite the sharp decline in air traffic last year, the "Airline Reading" website collected data about about 385 airlines to classify those that will be the safest to travel in the coming months.

selection criteria

Among the criteria that are taken into account are the age of the air fleet, the number of recorded serious accidents and government audits, as well as governance bodies and the aviation industry, or measures put in place to deal with COVID-19.

"The challenge this year is the number of airlines operating flights. The 20 safest airlines we all have continued to organize flights, albeit in a limited way," says Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief of Airline Reading.

Air New Zealand ranked third (Shutterstock)

He added that the Australian company Qantas - the oldest in service in the world - emerged in the ranking as this was already the case between 2014 and 2017, then 2019 and 2020, at a time when Air France was absent from the list of the top twenty.

The specialized site highlighted many of the criteria that have turned the scales in favor of Qantas, which is the undisputed leader in the development of the air navigation system in the future, according to the French newspaper report.

The Australian company created a system that allowed pilots to break their routine after the flight suspension period caused by Covid 19, as each pilot had to follow a 6-day program, with a day devoted in particular to entertainment.

 Country excels

According to the report, Qatar Airways and Air New Zealand joined the platform of the safest airlines to travel in 2021, so Qatar Airways came in second and Air New Zealand third.

While British Airways ranked tenth.

AirlineRating also revealed the top 10 most affordable and safest airlines, including Ryanair, easyjet and Wizz.

Singapore Airlines ranked fourth (Shutterstock)

According to Geoffrey Thomas, editor of Airline Reading, aviation safety is becoming increasingly important for travelers, especially with Covid-19.

"They don't take anything for granted, and the level of our investigations has nearly tripled in the past six months on a variety of safety issues, as it isn't just about COVID-19," Thomas says.

Here are the 20 safest companies in 2021: 

1. Qantas Company

2. Qatar Airways

3. Air New Zealand

4. Singapore Airlines

5. Emirates Airlines

6. EVA Air

7. Etihad Airways )

8. air lines Alaska (AK Airlines)

9. Cathay Pacific air lines ( the

Pacific Cathay Airways)

10. British Airways ( the

British Airways)

11. Virgin Australia / Virgin Atlantic ( the

Virgin South Australia ,

Australia / the

Virgin the


12. lines Hawaii (Hawaiian Airlines )

13. lines South West (Southwest Airlines)

14. lines Delta ( the

Delta Air lines)

15. American Airlines (American Airlines)

16.ktoot Scandinavia (SAS17)

17. Finnair (Finnair)

18. Lufthansa (Search flights on


19. Airlines Royal Dutch (KLM20)

20. United Airlines