On the evening of January 6, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province notified the accountability of the epidemic prevention and control in Gaocheng District; on January 5, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Dalian City, Liaoning Province notified two typical violations of the epidemic prevention and control discipline; December last year On the 31st, the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision notified the accountability investigation and handling of the local clustered epidemic situation in Shunyi District... Recently, many discipline inspection and supervision agencies notified the accountability of the epidemic prevention and control.

These violations of regulations and discipline have sounded the alarm for the majority of party members and cadres.

  Judging from the exposed cases, the persons dealt with were the deputy mayor, deputy district mayor, director of the health and health committee, hospital dean, as well as members of the township party and government team, heads of grassroots stations, village party branch “top leaders” and township cadres. Some of them are members of the headquarters of the leading group for the response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic or the main heads of departments in key areas for epidemic prevention and control.

They should have played an exemplary role and devoted themselves to prevention and control work, but they knew that discipline violations brought risks and hidden dangers to epidemic prevention and control, and caused adverse effects.

  Some are flexible, discounting, making choices, perfunctory, and floating.

Judging from the report, the occurrence of such problems is mostly caused by a weak sense of responsibility and poor work.

For example, the main leaders of the Hongqiao community in the Cuiquan Road area of ​​Tianshan District, Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have unclear understanding of the wartime state of the epidemic, their work style has floated, and the relevant measures for epidemic prevention and control have been modified and discounted, resulting in the closure of the community courtyard.

Xie Chuanqi, the leader of the "Visit Huiju" team of the Hongqiao Community of the Tianshan District Market Supervision Administration in the Cuiquan Road area, and Li Jun, the acting secretary of the Hongqiao Community of the Cuiquan Road area, received serious warnings from the party.

  Some slack awareness of prevention and control makes the system ineffective.

Within a week, the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Beijing and Shijiazhuang successively held accountability for ineffective epidemic prevention and control, exposing that individual party members and cadres are prone to paralysis, war exhaustion, and relaxation during the normalization stage of epidemic prevention and control.

There is a problem of insufficient supervision in the cold chain transportation and sales links of the Wuxue City Transportation Development Bureau and the Market Supervision Administration Dongcheng District Market Supervision.

Not only is it unclear about the vehicle transportation situation, but cold chain products have not been sterilized before being put into storage, vehicle employees have not performed nucleic acid testing, and vehicles have not implemented anti-epidemic measures such as sterilization.

Due to potential safety hazards to the epidemic prevention and control work, the Wuxue City Commission for Discipline Inspection imposed corresponding sanctions on the four party members and cadres of the two units.

  Some illegal drinking during the epidemic prevention and control period, and even participating in gambling.

Drinking and gambling during work are violations of discipline. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the impact of violation of discipline is even worse.

In December last year, there was an outbreak in Dalian. An Jun, Party Secretary of the Justice Bureau of Jinpu New District, not only violated the rules to arrange for Xing Wantao, the chief of the community corrections department who had been to the place where the epidemic occurred, to self-isolate in the office, but also invited Xing Wantao and three others to gather for drinking at the agency.

After receiving the news that centralized quarantine was necessary, Anjun still gathered for drinking and continued to isolate Xing Wantao in the office.

On January 4, Anjun received a severe warning and dismissal from the party, and Xing Wantao received a warning from the party.

In Xingguo County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, Wang Wenping, then member of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of Juncun Township, Xie Jiawei, then Deputy Mayor of Juncun Township, and Zeng Jinping, Party Branch Secretary of Juncun Village, participated in gambling at Zeng Jinping’s home many times.

Wang Wenping and Xie Jiawei were removed from their posts, and the others were also punished accordingly.

  Some ignore the suffering of the masses, and fail to serve their hearts.

In August last year, the Medical Insurance Center of Daoli District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province did not consider the fact that a large number of businesses had accumulated during the epidemic period and the demand of the people had increased sharply. It decided to issue 60 numbers every day without careful calculation.

After the masses repeatedly reported problems such as difficulty in medical insurance appointments and "scalper" inverted numbers, the Daoli District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau failed to deal with them in a timely and effective manner, resulting in long-term unresolved problems.

The following month, the Municipal Medical Security Bureau and Daoli District Committee and the district government were notified of criticism.

When the Pu County Emergency Management Bureau and the Health and Sports Bureau of Linfen City, Shanxi Province formed a joint inspection team to carry out acceptance inspections on the resumption of work and production and occupational health during the epidemic prevention and control period of a coal industry company, 15 inspection team staff accepted The company's red envelopes ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 yuan, regard the gift money for management services as a "subsidy."

  Some not only did not cooperate, but even interfered with epidemic prevention and control.

The Epidemic Prevention and Control Supervision and Inspection Team of Xinning County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, when inspecting Changpu Village, Xuntian Township, found that there were no village cadres on duty. Xiao Qiangjian, the party branch secretary of the village, refused to explain this and refused to cooperate with the supervision and inspection. He was also exhorted to talk. And was notified and criticized.

When Zhou Zhongyao, director of the Bureau of Letters and Calls of Jinpu New District, Dalian City participated in the voluntary epidemic prevention work of the quarantine hotel, he not only disobeyed the management, but also made inappropriate remarks in the WeChat work group.

On January 4, Zhou Zhongyao was suspended for inspection, criticism and education.

  In the past few days, new confirmed cases have appeared in Liaoning, Beijing, Hebei, Heilongjiang and other places.

The majority of party members and cadres must adhere to the organic combination of normalized and precise prevention and control with local emergency response, overcome paralyzing thoughts, relax mentality, and do a good job of epidemic prevention and control without relaxation.

Disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies at all levels must give full play to the role of supervision, guarantee implementation, and improvement of development, focusing on the key tasks of epidemic prevention and control, focusing on the latest requirements for epidemic prevention and control, follow-up supervision, precise supervision, and full-process supervision, and are not responsible for violations of epidemic prevention and control disciplines. Omissions, dereliction of duty, and other violations of regulations, disciplines and laws were discovered and dealt with together.

(Our reporter Li Lingna Zhang Qibin)