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In Australia, a baby shark has been found suffering from a fishing hook that has been thrown away by a person.


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It is a beach in Victoria, Australia.

I see a baby shark through the seaweed.

Even when diver Jules Casey lifts it, there is little movement.

If you look at the clearly visible bones, it seems that you haven't even been able to feed for a long time because of a hook in your mouth.

When Mr. Casey and a colleague cut off the seaweed and the tangled fishing line, the hook becomes clearer.

The rust around the baby shark's mouth suggests that the hook has been hung for a very long time.

Casey and a colleague have worked for a long time to completely remove the hook and then let the baby shark go.

The baby shark is said to have been around for a while and then disappeared, as if expressing gratitude.

Netizens said, "A fishing needle thrown away is a disaster for sea creatures." "Poor baby shark... Let's enjoy the sea to the fullest!" And so on.

(Screen source: Instagram onebreathdiver)