Saarbrücken (dpa / lrs) - Saarland's Deputy Prime Minister Anke Rehlinger (SPD) has sharply condemned the storming of the US Congress by supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump finally shows that his presidency, which is coming to an end, was not a freak show on TV, but was designed to scorn a democracy and its institutions, to sow hatred and to divide the USA,” Rehlinger announced on Thursday in Saarbrücken .

"The state clown has finally taken off the mask and it becomes clear: Trump is an authoritarian nightmare."

The discord that Trump sowed has now "turned into bloody violence and a chaotic uprising in Washington.

These are the ugly ghosts that Trump called, ”said Rehlinger.

Nevertheless, she is certain "that the oldest democracy in the world is stronger than the hatred of this man and his followers".

Protests by angry supporters of the elected Trump in the capital Washington escalated on Wednesday and at times plunged the political center of the USA into unprecedented chaos.

According to the police, four people were killed in the riot.

Many top European politicians expressed shock at the events in Washington and condemned the violence.