China News Service, Xining, January 7th (Sun Rui) "The'Yi' Road and the'Child' Travel Project provides homework guidance for children under the age of 14 who have been hospitalized for long-term hospitalization in Qinghai Women and Children's Hospital and Qinghai University Affiliated Hospital. Companion-oriented growth education with content such as game interaction, hand-made, painting and photography, psychological counseling, etc. helps them reduce the psychological gap from school education and have the ability to adapt to society as soon as possible." Wang Kun, vice president of Qinghai Red Cross Society 7th said.

  On the same day, the opening ceremony of the volunteer service point of Qinghai Red Cross "Yi" Road and "Tong" Xingxing Project was held in Qinghai Women and Children's Hospital.

The picture shows the official unveiling of the "Yi" Road and "Tong" social practice volunteer service project.

Photo by Sun Rui

  Wang Kun said that at present, hematological diseases are difficult to overcome all over the world, and the treatment is difficult and the cycle is long, which brings severe physical and psychological damage to patients.

Especially for children with hematological diseases, long-term hospitalization and rehabilitation are required. Children who are separated from society and school education during treatment will inevitably have some psychological gaps and discomfort.

  In response to this situation, the Qinghai Red Cross Society actively sought a funding of 12,000 yuan in 2020 to implement the "Yi" Road and "Children" social practice volunteer service projects in Qinghai Women and Children's Hospital and Qinghai University Affiliated Hospital. The Red Cross Society of Qinghai University and the Red Cross Volunteer Service Team of the Department of Clinical Medicine of Qinghai University will undertake and implement the project.

The project aims to accompany children with blood diseases, help them build confidence in fighting the disease, and rekindle their hope for a better life.

At the same time, the service of volunteers arouses the attention of all walks of life to children with blood diseases, attracting more caring people to participate in the ranks of accompanying children with blood diseases.

  Volunteer Zhang Xu told the China News Network reporter: "In the early stage, we conducted blood disease knowledge training, so that more than 100 volunteers in the meeting mastered the precautions for contact with children. The volunteering lasted more than two months. During the activity, we carried out a project that combined psychological counseling, theoretical knowledge counseling, and entertainment activities for children; for children, we used games, paintings, hand-made, photo walls, photo albums and other methods to strengthen children with blood diseases. Communication skills. Although everyone's contributions are simple and limited, it is these small fires that warm our society as a whole."

  Wang Shoulei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Qinghai Women and Children’s Hospital, said that the implementation and development of the "Yi" Road and the "Children" Project has brought hope to many children and their families, reduced their psychological burden, and helped the children restore their smiles. regain health.

  Wang Kun said that the Qinghai Provincial Red Cross will continue to pay attention to and support the project, and provide volunteers with a platform to help children with blood diseases as much as possible. It is hoped that Red Cross volunteers will help more children with blood diseases get out of trouble, gain hope, and integrate into society. It is also hoped that through the "Yi" road and the implementation of the "children" social practice voluntary service project, more caring people in the society can provide continuous care and care for children with blood diseases, and provide support and help in hardware and software. And let more and more Red Cross volunteers understand the significance of the project, participate in project implementation, and expand the scope of project benefits. (Finish)