Computer generated image of the new Nantes tramway.


Alstom / SDI.

  • By 2023, the fourth generation of tram will run on the Nantes transport network.

  • The first images of the new “Citadis Alstom” trainsets were unveiled on Thursday.

Longer, more spacious, and downright more modern.

This Thursday, the first images of the new Nantes trams were unveiled.

In total, 49 of these “Citadis Alstom” trainsets will arrive on the network, gradually replacing the oldest: 14 of them will be put into service from 2023, the others will arrive by 2025-2026 .

It is within this horizon that three new tram lines must be created, in particular to serve the Ile de Nantes and the future CHU.

In the meantime, three trains will be dedicated to serving Babinière, as part of the connection between line 1 and line 2.

No more white and green oars in which it is sometimes difficult to find a place.

The new trams, the design of which began near La Rochelle, will measure 46m in length and promise to carry 300 passengers, 50 more than at present.

Inside, traffic will be made easier, details Alstom, which has decided to widen "the width of traffic between the various cars by 40 cm compared to the previous generation of Citadis".

In order not to miss its stop, “14 extra-large multimedia screens” will broadcast information on the network and traffic.

Eight double-doors will make it easier to get on and on, a big black point today for busy stations.

The interior of the future new Nantes trams - Alstom / SDI

An envelope of 218 million euros

This fourth generation of trainsets, which will be 100% accessible to people with reduced mobility, also hopes to seduce travelers with its new look.

Indeed, "nearly 40% of the faces of the tram will be glazed thanks to taller bays", which will allow "increased brightness inside".

From the outside, this transparent effect should allow the surroundings to reflect on the vehicle, the designers hope.

Drivers will also benefit from an extended glass space, allowing 180 degree visibility from their cab.

The Alstom company, which won the tender, is well known in Nantes since it was already the company that had already manufactured the first generation of tramways in 1985 and whose trains are still in use.

It mobilizes seven of its 14 French sites for the manufacture of future Nantes trains, for which Nantes Métropole will spend more than 218 million euros.

A heavy investment making it possible in particular to acquire “new generation” traction motors.

The community estimates that they will allow “a reduction in energy consumption of 13%”.


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