Chinanews, January 6, according to Euronet, citing Greek Eunice News Agency, on January 4, local time, Greece and Israel signed a defense agreement worth up to 1.68 billion U.S. dollars, which was approved by the Greek Parliament.

This is also one of the largest defense agreements approved by the Greek Parliament.

  According to reports, the agreement signed between Greece and the Israeli Ministry of Defense includes Israel's provision of 10 M-346 trainers and maintenance of T-6 trainers to Greece, as well as the provision of flight simulators, training and logistical support to Greece.

In addition, the Israeli Ministry of Defense also created a flight academy for the Greek Air Force, which will be built and operated by the Israeli international electronic defense company Elbit.

  Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that the defense agreement with Greece reflects the good and growing relationship between Israel and Greece. This long-term partnership will serve the interests of both countries.

  The head of the International Defense Cooperation Agency of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Kuras, said that this is not just a defense export agreement, but a partnership of at least 20 years.

  When the Greek government formulated the national fiscal budget for 2021, the defense expenditure budget increased significantly, reaching 5.5 billion euros. The top priority was to enhance the combat capability of the Greek Air Force and control the air supremacy in the Mediterranean.

  The 5.5 billion euro fund includes the purchase of 18 French Rafale fighters, the purchase of new frigates, helicopters, and drones, the upgrade of the F-16 fleet, and an additional 15,000 troops.

(Liang Manyu)