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More than a million inhabitants of the European Union have already received a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

In the lead, the Danes, the Germans and the Italians, far ahead of Austria, France and Bulgaria.

Since the start of the European vaccination campaign at the end of December, at least 1.1 million people, or around 0.2% of the Union's population, have received a dose of the vaccine from the American-German alliance Pfizer- BioNTech, the only one currently administered in the EU.

A second vaccine, that of the American Moderna, was authorized by Brussels on Wednesday.

The Netherlands lagging behind

In comparison, the United States has administered doses to more than 4.84 million people (1.5% of its population), China to more than 4.5 million people (0.3%, as of December 31 ), Israel to 1.49 million people (17.2%) and the United Kingdom to over 1.3 million people (1.9%).

All these countries started their campaign before the European Union.

In the EU, Germany carried out the most injections (367,331), ahead of Italy (260,948), Poland (140,226), Spain (139,339) and Denmark (63,312), according to the latest data available.

But in proportion to its population, Denmark has vaccinated the most in the EU: 1.1% of the Danish population received a dose, far ahead of Germany (0.44%), l 'Italy (0.43%) and Slovenia (0.43%).

These rates are very far from those posted by Israel (17.2%) or the United Arab Emirates (8.4%), champions in the matter, which respectively began to vaccinate on December 19 and 14.

For their part, almost all the member countries of the Union started their campaign between December 26 and 29, with the exception of the Netherlands, which only started this Wednesday.

Besides the Netherlands, other countries are lagging behind.

This is particularly the case of France (more than 7,000 doses), Austria (8,360), Bulgaria (5,448) and Ireland (4,000), which vaccinated less than 0.1% of their respective populations.


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