In a note from the interministerial crisis unit and drafted by his services, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran asks the regional health agencies to identify, with the prefects, at least three centers per department to develop vaccination in the city and welcome priority audiences. 


"Amplify, accelerate, simplify".

To cut short the criticisms of the strategy developed by the government, Olivier Véran promises a further expansion of the vaccination against the coronavirus, and intends to mobilize the territories.

According to information from Europe 1, in a note, the Minister of Health asks the regional health agencies to identify, with the help of the prefects, new places of vaccination, outside hospitals.

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These places will be intended to accommodate priority audiences: firstly, caregivers at risk, firefighters, home helpers over 50, then quickly people over 75 who are not residents of nursing homes. 

"That the elderly do not have to travel 70 km"

This document, signed by Olivier Véran, illustrates the will of the government, reaffirmed again Tuesday evening by Emmanuel Macron in the face of elected officials in Tours, to accelerate the deployment of vaccination even though it is in the midst of a storm on the subject.

The Minister of Health promises, at the end of January, 500 to 600 vaccination centers in addition to hospitals, in towns, municipal halls, gymnasiums.

"Elderly people must not have to travel 70km to be vaccinated", explains Olivier Véran's entourage to Europe 1. 

A response to criticism from local elected officials

At the Ministry of Health, where we categorically refuse to use the term "vaccinodrome", too connoted, we prefer to speak of "collective vaccination sites".

But the idea of ​​the ministry, these are places "which will not welcome thousands of people like in Germany". 


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But this note is also and above all a response to criticism from local elected officials who say that they are ready, unlike the government.

And this inspires a tackle to an adviser: "The elected officials seem to have all bright ideas ... And although they offer us something", squeaks the latter.