More than 65 tonnes of cocaine were seized in Antwerp in 2020 (illustration).


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The Belgian port remains the first access route for this drug in Europe.

In Antwerp, the Belgian authorities seized nearly 65.5 tonnes of cocaine in 2020, a new record, the Ministry of Finance announced on Tuesday.

Since the 4.7 tonnes in 2013, the volumes intercepted, from Latin America, have increased by about fourteen, noted in a press release the ministry which oversees customs.

In 2019, cocaine seizures in Antwerp amounted to 62.1 tonnes.

The drugs are usually concealed in containers unloaded from ships.

Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador rank in the top three places for sending countries, while in Europe, Spain and the Netherlands are two other major gateways.

An estimated resale value of 7.5 billion euros

The resale value of the volume seized in 2020 in Antwerp was estimated at 7.5 billion euros, based on an average price in the EU of 68.5 euros per gram and a drug generally sold. in sachet at "60% purity".

In addition to the interceptions made on arrival at this port, around 25 tonnes of cocaine bound for Belgium were also seized last year in the countries of departure, according to United Nations figures.

In these countries, an international action plan co-directed by the UN devoted to the control of containers in maritime traffic - the “Container Control Program” - made it possible to seize in 2020 a total of 102 tonnes of cocaine destined for the European continent.

In addition to the 25 tonnes leaving for Belgium, 16 were to be delivered to the Netherlands, 6.5 to Germany, 6 to Spain and 4.6 to Italy.


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