China News Service, Fuzhou, January 5 (Zheng Jiangluo) Fujian Court's Taiwan-related judicial service network and Taiwan-related judicial APP opened in Fuzhou on the 5th.

A relevant person in the Fujian Higher People's Court said that this is the first judicial service network and APP in Fujian Province exclusively for Taiwan compatriots.

  The Taiwan-related judicial service network and the Taiwan-related judicial APP of the Fujian Court are independent websites and systems specially designed in accordance with the needs of Taiwan-related judicial services. They are aimed at Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises, and provide precise and high-quality services, so that Taiwan compatriots and the mainland people can share inclusive benefits , Convenient, efficient, accurate and high-quality judicial services.

  Zhang Jinping, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Fujian Higher People’s Court, said that the Taiwan-related judicial service network and the Taiwan-related judicial APP rely on the new features of Internet dissemination, mainly provide litigation services and judicial service inquiry guidance, and aggregate various litigation service platforms that have been established and operated. , Through multiple content elements such as text, pictures, videos, and network link jumps, and multiple technical means, to establish an efficient and convenient litigation service network platform for Taiwan compatriots.

  According to the Fujian Provincial Higher People’s Court, the webpage is divided into six parts: litigation guidelines, litigation services, judicial disclosure, legal policies, news updates, and case references.

Among them, the "Guide to Litigation" mainly includes 9 items such as instructions for litigation, litigation procedures, cross-domain services, document styles, Yibentong, mobile micro court, judge studio, 12368 service hotline, offline matters, etc. The judge studio provides Contacts and contact information of the 60 Taiwanese rights protection studios of the Fujian Court strive to create an integrated litigation service channel.

  The "Legal Policies" section mainly includes some commonly used laws and regulations, judicial interpretations, judicial documents, related regulations, policy measures, and research interpretations in judicial work related to Taiwan.

The "News Updates" section aims to regularly release news about Taiwan-related judicial work to the majority of Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises, so that Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises can understand the trends of Taiwan-related judicial work.

  In terms of highlighting the judicial service functions related to Taiwan, Zhang Jinping said that in order to cater for the language needs of Taiwan compatriots, the webpage introduces the conversion function of online fonts; to promote judicial benefits, the animation is displayed in the form of bay windows; to facilitate Taiwan compatriots Understand Taiwan-related laws and policies, and set up separate policies and measures; websites and apps use micro-videos, pictures and other forms to promote Taiwan-related judicial work.

  Zhang Jinping also pointed out that the website has set offline matters in the litigation guide, which is to facilitate Taiwanese compatriots to understand the process of offline matters through "one-click inquiry".