China News Agency, Brussels, January 5th (Reporter De Yongjian) As thousands of refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina are facing a humanitarian crisis due to refugee camp fires, the European Union announced on the 4th an additional 3.5 million euros in aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina to help in deep trouble. Of refugees survived the cold winter.

  On Christmas Eve on December 23, 2020, the Lipa refugee camp in the Una-Sanaa state in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina was closed by the local government for lack of any protection against the cold. Some dissatisfied refugees set fire to the camp completely. , Leading to a refugee camp fire incident that aroused the attention of the international community.

Data map: On September 9, 2020 local time, after a fire broke out in the Moria refugee camp on Lesbos, Greece, the refugees left the fire.

  According to an announcement issued by the European Commission on January 4, 2021, about 900 refugees are still stranded in the destroyed camps, and about 800 refugees are sleeping around the camps, including women and children. In total, about 1,700 refugees are facing frostbite and hypothermia. Even the new crown pneumonia epidemic and other personal safety and health risks.

  To this end, the EU’s additional 3.5 million euros of assistance is mainly to provide refugees with winter supplies, such as winter clothes, blankets, food, etc., and will also provide refugees with medical care, mental health consultation, and psychosocial support to prevent the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic among refugees. .

  The EU’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Borelli said in the announcement that the situation in the Lipa refugee camp is unacceptable and that the assistance provided by the EU can only solve the “immediate needs” and that long-term measures are needed in the future, including the reconstruction of a camp site. Permanent housing, so as to prevent refugees from living on the streets during the severe winter or getting no medical assistance in the face of the epidemic.

  According to a previous report by the International Organization for Migration, the Lipa refugee camp was established early last year to deal with the overcrowding of other refugee camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As of December 23, when it was closed, the refugee camps were not equipped with water and electricity, and were not equipped with stoves, insulation materials and other cold-preventing facilities. After the camps were burnt down, many refugees turned to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina for refuge in Sarajevo and other places, which caused the International Organization for Migration to worry or further aggravate Refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  In addition to the Lipa refugee camp, a fire broke out in the Moria refugee camp, the largest refugee camp in Greece at the time, in September last year, causing 80% of the camp’s residences to be burned to ashes, leaving more than 12,000 refugees homeless. Greece provided emergency assistance and promised to help Greece rebuild refugee camps.