China News Service, January 5th. According to several British media reports on the 4th, due to the economic pressure caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Edinburgh Zoo will have to consider sending the only pair of pandas in the UK back to China.

Screenshot of the British "Guardian" report.

  According to reports, the British giant pandas "Sunshine" and "Tiantian" are from China and are currently the only two giant pandas in the UK.

Although the zoo hopes to continue raising the pair of giant pandas, the 10-year contract signed by the zoo and the Chinese is about to expire and may not be renewed due to economic reasons.

  According to reports, the new crown epidemic caused the zoo to close for three months during the summer.

During this time, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, responsible for operating Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park, lost up to 2 million pounds.

  David Field, president of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, said they will have to "carefully consider every potential savings measure", including the panda contract.

He said that the closure of the park for epidemic prevention has had a "huge financial impact" on the institution.

  In January 2011, the China Wildlife Conservation Association and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland reached an agreement that "Sweet" and "Sunshine" were leased to Edinburgh Zoo together for a lease period of 10 years, and the lease cost was approximately £1 million per year.

Data map: Giant panda "Sunshine" has lunch.

China News Agency issued Zhang Lang photo

  David Field said, "In the past nine years,'sunshine' and'sweet' have left an excellent impression on our visitors. They have helped millions of people come into close contact with nature and inspired people to Interest in wildlife protection." "I think they can stay here for a few more years. Of course this is my current goal."

  The zoo has accepted government loans, and has taken measures such as temporarily allowing employees to take vacations, layoffs, and calling for donations, but it is not eligible for the British government's zoo fund for small zoos.

  David Field said, "At this stage, it is too early to say what the outcome will be. In the coming months, we will discuss the next steps with our Chinese colleagues."