The British government has taken traditional measures, such as payroll, for restaurants and retailers that are no longer in business, as the spread of the mutated new coronavirus is expected to prolong strict restrictions on economic activity. In addition, we have decided to pay a maximum of 1.26 million yen in Japanese yen.

A mutated virus that is said to be highly infectious is spreading in the United Kingdom, and strict measures are being taken throughout the country, such as restrictions on citizens going out in England and Scotland, including London, from the 5th.

As a general rule, restaurants and retail stores other than stores that handle daily necessities are banned from business, and these measures are expected to continue until next month.

In response to this, on the 5th, the British government will pay 4,000 to 9000 pounds per store and 560,000 to 1.26 million yen in Japanese yen for restaurants and retail stores that are no longer open, depending on the scale. I announced that.

The payment is only once, but the conventional support such as a monthly subsidy of up to 420,000 yen and 80% of the salary if you continue to hire employees will continue, and the payment will be added to these.

"We will continue to focus on maintaining employment and supporting businesses to help businesses that are most affected by the need to take leave," said Treasury Minister Snak.

However, the business community has argued that the target should be expanded to businesses that have transactions with restaurants and retail stores, and it has been pointed out that it is not enough to stop the impact on the economy.

Support from European countries

In Europe, where the spread of infection is serious, restrictions on going out and economic activities continue in each country.


In France, restrictions on going out and retail stores were significantly relaxed at the end of November last year, but restaurants and cafes continue to be banned from operating inside the stores, and the decrease in tourists forces hotels to operate rigorously. I am.

For this reason, the government is continuing to take measures to cover 70% of the salaries of employees who are absent from restaurants and hotels, and at the end of November last year, depending on the size of the store and the amount of decrease in sales. We announced measures to provide a maximum of 200,000 euros and about 25 million yen in Japanese yen.


Germany maintains employment by expanding the system in which the state provides at least 60% of reduced wages through employers to employees who have reduced their jobs and extending the payment period to a maximum of 24 months. I am planning.

In addition, for restaurants that are prohibited from doing business except for take-out from November last year, up to 75% of the sales of the same month of the previous year will be paid, and from this month, expenses such as rent to maintain the store will be paid. We are planning to support up to 90% of.


In Spain, going out at night is prohibited nationwide, and although restaurants and other restaurants are open, the number of customers who can enter is limited, and hotels are also greatly affected by the decrease in tourists. ..

The Spanish government has taken over 70% of the salaries of resting employees, and last month postponed payments of social insurance and taxes, and rents, especially for restaurants and hotels that have a significant impact. We have set out measures for the reduction of taxes.